How to v. Collage | July 03, 2012


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How to v. Collage

Here is how you make annotations on a collage. It is nooooooot difficult. Basically, a cat could do it. funny pictures - Goggies R Owr Friends: We Love Our New Cat Bed!
First, you click on a word. Then you fill in your annotation and hit "Save." Then it shows up! What might you want to put as an annotation? Maybe this fact came up during cold calling, or you happen to know that this phrase appears in a favorite case of yours, or even you just want to mention the dictionary definition of one of those legal shibboleths which distinguish the 0Ls from the 1Ls. You can highlight words, or entire paragraphs. That's it!

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June 25, 2013


Hilda and Jessica

United States Supreme Court

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