France, “Note verbale to [Council of Europe],” November 24, 2015


Note verbale from the Permanent Representation of France, November 24, 2015


The Permanent Representation of France informs the Secretary General of the Council of Europe of the following:


On 13 November 2015, large-scale terrorist attacks took place in the Paris region.


The terrorist threat in France is of a lasting nature, having regard to information from the intelligence services and to the international context.


The French Government has decided, by Decree No. 2015-1475 of 14 November 2015, to apply Law No. 55-385 of 3 April 1955 on the state of emergency.


Decrees No. 2015-1475, No. 2015-1476 and No. 2015-1478 of 14 November 2015 and No. 2015-1493 and No. 2015-1494 of 18 November 2015 have defined a number of measures that may be taken by the administrative authorities.


The extension of the state of emergency for three months, with effect from 26 November 2015, was authorised by Law No. 2015-1501 of 20 November 2015. This law also amends certain of the measures provided for by the Law of 3 April 1955 in order to adapt its content to the current context.


The texts of the decrees and laws mentioned above are attached to this letter.


Such measures appeared necessary to prevent the commission of further terrorist attacks.


Some of them, prescribed by the decrees of 14 November 2015 and 18 November 2015 and by the Law of 20 November 2015, may involve a derogation from the obligations under the [European] Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. I would therefore kindly request you to consider that this letter constitutes information for the purposes of Article 15 of the Convention.