Massachusetts Borrowing Statute | Joseph William Singer | September 22, 2013


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Massachusetts Borrowing Statute

by Joseph William Singer

Massachusetts Borrowing Statute


Mass. Gen. Laws Ann. ch.260 §9


§9. Nonresident defendant;  suspension of limitation      


If, when a cause of action hereinbefore mentioned accrues against a person, he resides out of the commonwealth, the action may be commenced within the time herein limited after he comes into the commonwealth; and if, after a cause of  action has accrued, the person against whom it has accrued resides out of the  commonwealth, the time of such residence shall be excluded in determining the   time limited for the commencement of the action;  but no action shall be brought by any person upon a cause of action which was barred by the laws of  any state or country while he resided therein.


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June 02, 2014

Massachusetts Borrowing Statute

Massachusetts Borrowing Statute

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Joseph William Singer

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