Guide: Annotations

An annotation is a modification which allows users to add, edit or remove information from an item they own, without disrupting the underlying text. Annotations can be thought of as a layer on top of the existing text. Texts can be annotated with comments, links, highlights and tags, as well as hide or replace-text annotations.

Annotations can only be applied to an annotated item you own. For more on annotated items, see the annotated items section of the user guide.

Interacting with annotations

To view the content of a link or comment annotation, you must first click on the annotation icon on the sidebar:

The contents are then revealed: comments can be read, links can be clicked on to open the link in a new browser window.
To view text that is hidden by a hide-text or replace text annotation, the user must click on the [...] or replaced text that is within square brackets.

Tip: Users can also set each - or all - of these items to be already viewable by using the Annotation Display button. 

Adding an annotation

To add an annotation, when viewing an item you own, click and drag to select the text you wish to add the annotation to. The annotation toolbar appears:

Now select the annotation you wish to add and take the necessary action:

H2O's available annotations:

 Icon    Description User Action
Hide text  Hides the selected text. Click icon to hide selected text.

Replace text        
 Replaces selection with text you enter.         Enter replacement text, click Save.

Add link

 Adds a link to sidebar next to selected text. Enter URL, click Save.
Highlight/tag  Highlights or tags selected text. Select highlight color/tag name, click Save.
Add comment     Adds a comment to sidebar next to selected text. Enter comment, click Save.

Editing or removing an annotation

  1. When viewing an item you own, click on the annotation's icon in the sidebar. For hidden text, click the hidden text ellipsis (or replacement text in square brackets) to prompt the hide-eyeball icon to appear on the sidebar:

  2. Either make desired changes, or click the remove edit/delete button to remove the annotation.
    For comments and links, click the pencil icon then make the desired changes:

  3. Click Save to lock in your changes.