Guide: Cases


Studying the text of judicial opinions is a key component of learning law, especially common law. H2O enables you to create editable versions of cases (called collages) and add cases and collages to playlists.

Searching for cases

To search for a case, enter a term in the Search field, select Cases from the drop-down list, and click Search.

The following example show the results of a search for cases involving "torts."

Search for Cases Involving Torts.

Example of a Playlist

You can also search for a case by its citation. To search by citation, select Cases from the drop-down list and type the citation, including the enclosing quotation marks, and click Search.

For example, to search for Roe v. Wade, type "410 US 113", which returns Roe x. Wade as the top result.

Requesting cases

If H2O does not yet contain a case that you want to use, you can request the H2O to add the case.

Requesting cases by email

To request a case by email, send a message to <h2o@cyber.law.harvard.edu>. List the cases by short name and citation in the message.

Requesting cases when logged in to H2O

To request a case when logged into H2O:

  1. Click the Cases icon at the top of any screen  

    H2O displays a list of cases available on the site.

  2. Click the Request Case button that appears next to Search field.

    H2o displays the Create a Case Request window.

    Creating a Case Request.

    Creating a Case Request
  3. Fill in all the required information and click Submit Case Request.

    H20 displays the confirmation message: Case Request was successfully created.