Guide: Creating an account

While any user with Internet access can read publicly available H2O content, an account is required to create and contribute materials to H2O.

Tip: While H2O allows anonymous access to public material, there is only limited functionality available when not signed in and H2O deletes any content created once your session ends.

To start creating an account, go to the Register window in one of the following ways:

1. "Sign In" at the top of screen

  1. Click Sign In in the upper right corner of the screen:
    Sign In Window

    H2O displays the Sign In window - click Sign Up Now:

    Sign In Window

    You are then taken to the Register window.

2. "Get Started" button on the home screen

The H2O home screen contains a Get Started button that appears below the "Welcome to H2O" message. Click the Get Started button to display the Register window.

Get Started Button

Complete your registration in the Register window:

Register Window

1. Fill in all the relevant fields and click Register. H2O displays the message: Account Registered! Please verify your account by clicking the link provided in the verification email.

2. Open the email message from H2O and click the link. H2O displays the message: Thank you. Your account has been verified. You may now contribute to H2O.