Guide: User Dashboard

The dashboard displays all items that items for which you are the owner; it also allows you to access your user display and print settings.

Reaching the dashboard

To reach the dashboard:

  1. 1: Sign in to H2O.
  2. 2: Click one of the following on the H2O Home screen:
    • -The Dashboard link In the upper right corner
    • -The Dashboard button below the "Welcome to H2O" message

The following figure shows an example of an H20 dashboard. A list of of your content appears under the heading "My Workshop."

Organization of an H2O screen


By default, H2O sorts the list of your content by most recent activity. The item that you last edited appears at the top of the list.

To change sort order, use the drop-down list that appears at the top of the list of content. You can change the sort order from "sort by most recent activity" to any the following:

  • -Display name
  • -Relevance
  • -Decision date (if applies)

Advanced Search

The options in the Advanced Search column enable you to refine the view of your content.

  • Type: Click one of these links to display a particular category of your content, such as playlists or collages. You can display all playlists or only primary or secondary playlists.
  • Filter by Keyword or Name: Enter a string in this field to search your content for a particular term or name.

User Settings

Users can access their personal account setttings, as well as modify their default print settings, through the dashboard.
To access your settings, click the pencil icon to the right of "Profile" or "Settings."