Guide: Playlists

A playlist is a central organizing component of H2O. Playlists are user-created collections of content, such as:

• Texts • Annotated Items   
• PDFs • Images
• Cases • Audio & Videos

You can easily utilize playlists in multiple contexts, for example, by adding one playlist to another, or by cloning another user's playlist to get your own copy of it.

In H2O, the icon for a playlist is this symbol:  Playlist Icon

Tip: If you're taking a course that uses H2O, bookmark the URL of the top level playlist's page. Doing so ensures that you're view the most up-to-date version of the class materials.

Viewing a playlist

To display an example of a playlist, go the the Music & Digital Media textbook located here.

Example of a Playlist:

Example of a Playlist

On this screen, you see all the chapters for the textbook, such as "I. Orientation." Each chapter is another playlist or subplaylist.

Expanding and reading a playlist

To expand a playlist and see its content, click the small wedge that appears like a triangle on its side.

To contract a playlist, click the small wedge that appears like an upside-down triangle.

You can also click directly on a playlist's name to open that playlist in its own window.

Expanding and Contracting a Playlist:

Expanding and Contracting a Playlist

Creating a new playlist

To create a new playlist:

  1. Make sure that you have created an account and are signed in.
  2. Click the Create button.
    Create Button

    H2O displays the Create menu.

    Create Menu
  3. From the Create menu, select Playlist.

    H20 displays the Add a New Playlist window:

    Add a New Playlist Window
  4. In the Add a New Playlist window, do the following:
    1. 1- Supply a Name for your new playlist.
    2. 2- Select the checkbox for Public, unless you want to keep the playlist private.
    3. 3- Select Primary to designate the playlist as Primary. the designation Primary indicates that a given playlist is the top level for a given course or book; this makes these playlists easier to sort for and find.
    4. 4- Add a Description.
    5. 5- Add any comma-separated terms in the Tags field.
  5. Then click Submit.

    H2O creates the new playlist as shown in the following example. You can now add content to this playlist.

    Newly Created Playlist

Editing the description of a playlist

To edit the description of a playlist, make sure the you are signed in. Navigate to the desired playlist and click the "Edit Playlist Information" link:

Edit Playlist Information Link

H2O displays a window that is similar to the Add a New Playlist window.

  1. Change any desired information and click Submit.

Adding Content to a Playlist

You can add any public content or any private content that you own to a playlist. To do so, you can either use the Add button or the drag-and-drop option.

1) Using the Add button to add content

The Add button allows you to add content you're currently viewing to a playlist.

To use the Add button:

  1. Search for an item that you want to add or navigate to it.

    For example, enter "Criminal Law" in the Search field, select Cases from the drop-down menu, and click Search.

    Search for Cases Related to Criminal Law.

    Search for Cases Related to Criminal Law

    H2O displays the search results, which is a list of cases related to criminal law.

  2. Hover over the item that you want to add to one of your playlists.

    For example, hover over the case "Mathews v. Eldridge."

    H2O displays a list of buttons indicating the available actions, including Add.

    Add Button
  3. Click the Add button.

    H2O displays the Add Item To window.

    Add Item To Window
  4. In the Add Item To window, select a playlist from the drop-down list and click Save.

    H2O displays the Add to Your Playlist window.

    Add To Playlist window
  5. In the Add to Playlist window, change the Name and Description, if desired, and then click Save.

    H2o displays the updated playlist, which shows the case that you added:

    Case Added to a Playlist

2) Dragging and dropping to add content

You can also add content to a playlist by dragging and dropping items into it.

To add an item by dragging and dropping:

  1. Navigate to your desired playlist.
  2. Enter the appropriate terms in the Search field, select the type of search from the drop-down list.

    For example, suppose that you type the term "criminal law" in the Search field and select Playlists from the drop-down list as shown in the following example.

    Searching for Playlists Related to Criminal Law
  3. Click the Search button.

    H2O displays the search results:

    Results of Searching for Playlists Related to Criminal Law
  4. Click the item from the search results that you want to add to you playlist and while holding down the mouse button, drag the item to the playlist.

    In the following example, click "Securities and Insider Trading," hold down the mouse, and drag the selection to the location below "Mathews v. Eldridge."

    Draggging an Item

    H20 displays a confirmation:

    Confirmation After Draggging an Item
  5. In the confirmation section of the screen, change the Name and add a Description, if desired, and click Submit.

    H2O displays your playlist with the newly added playlist "Securities Fraud and Insider Trading."

    Added Playlist

Cloning a playlist

H2O enables you to clone an existing playlist. Your playlist clone carries over the original author's edits, but allows you to change those edits as you see fit. H2O designates the original author as Original Creator - this designation enables users to see the changes over time to a particular playlist.

How to clone

  1. Navigate to the playlist that you want to clone. For example, suppose that you want to clone the playlist "Music & Digital Media (Spring 2014)."
  2. On the main screen for Music & Digital Media (Spring 2014), hover over the Clone icon:

    Click the clone icon.

  3. In the Clone Playlist window, do the following:
    -Change the Name, if desired.
    -Decide whether to make the new playlist public or private.
    -Click Submit.

    H2O indicates that you will receive an email message when the new playlist is available. When the email message arrives, click the link to view the newly created playlist that you can edit.