Guide: Printing


H2O enables you to either print an item or playlist via browser, or export the content in a specific format.

How to export 

You must first be logged in before you can export, since H2O emails a link to the exported content to the email address associated with your account once it’s ready.

1. Open the object that you wish to print. You can can access the object through a playlist, your workshop, or a search.

2. Click the Print icon that appears in the right margin.


3. After clicking the print button on the right side of the screen, you will be taken to the print preview & print header:
toolbar h2o
^click to enlarge

style presets allow you to toggle between predetermined collections of print settings – such as ‘classic’ and ‘modern’ – if you wish to use a default set rather than modifying the settings individually.

style settings allow you to customize individual style elements before export.
→ TOC is table of contents: the number selected determines the depth of the TOC you wish to output (i.e., 5 will output a TOC that is 5 levels deep).
→ Margins are the four settings on the right side: left, right, top and bottom margins are set here.
→ Para Nos. are paragraph numbers. (Note: paragraph numbers do not carry over to Microsoft Word export at this time.)

annotation settings allow you to dictate how to annotations will appear on the export.

export format is where you select whether you want a Word (.doc) or PDF export.

Set up the print settings how you like, then hit the big blue export button and H2O will email you a copy of your export in .Doc when it's ready.

How to print from the browser 

To print an object, such as a case, text block, or collage:

  1. After clicking the print icon, H2O takes you to the print preview screen. This is a true print preview, meaning the content is not displayed in full in the browser.

    Scroll to the bottom of the preview and select “view the rest in your browser”:Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.27.25 AM

    As this notes, loading large playlists in your browser may temporarily freeze will working to display all content and annotations.

  2. Once this has completed loading, enter the print settings you would like (see above- "Print header" ) and hit the print command for your operating system and browser, such as File --> Print.