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    1. 1.1 Show/Hide More Robert M. Cover — "Violence and the Word"
      pp. 1601; 1605-09, 1613-15, 1618-19, 1626-29
    1. 2.2 Show/Hide More U.S. v. Marshall
      Original Creator: jgersen
    1. 3.2 Show/Hide More Nix v. Hedden
      Original Creator: jgersen
      Nix v. Hedden is a classic of staturoy interpretation.  It presents the court squarely with the age-old question in life and law: is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
    1. 5.1 Show/Hide More Flood v. Kuhn
      Original Creator: jgersen
  1. 6 Show/Hide More Supreme Court Oral Argument
    Original Creator: Jeannie Suk Current Version: jgersen
    Here you will find materials for the mock oral argument exercise of Voisine v. United States, scheduled for oral argument before the Supreme Court on February 29, 2016.  
    1. 6.1 Show/Hide More US v. Voisine
      Original Creator: Jeannie Suk Current Version: jgersen

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