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I.Supp. Supplemental Cases and Materials

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    1. 1.1 Show/Hide More Wallace v. Rosen--"The Fire Drill and the Blocked Stairwell"
      Original Creator: Jonathan Zittrain Current Version: emasters
      Should there be certain purposes for which unconsented, intentional contact will be permitted by law? And should mere knowledge and appreciation of a risk be regarded as equivalent to an intention to inflict harm?
      A high school had an unannounced fire drill, one week after an actual fire at the school. During the drill, defendant—a high school teacher—escorted her class to the stairway, where the plaintiff and several other individuals were conversing and blocking the stairs. The defendant approached the individuals and told them to “move it”. Plaintiff did not hear the defendant and did not move. Defendant then touched plaintiff's back to get her attention, turned plaintiff's body towards the staircase, and told her that “you've got to get moving because this is a fire drill.”

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