III.C.2. Deprivation by "Private" Individuals | I. Glenn Cohen | May 30, 2013


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III.C.2. Deprivation by "Private" Individuals

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  1. 1 Show/Hide More FRCP 64
    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 64: Seizing a Person or Property
  2. 4 Show/Hide More Shaumyan v. O'Neill
    Original Creator: I. Glenn Cohen
    Did the statute in Doehr die after the Supreme Court decision? Not quite….This case involved a fight between a homeowner and contractor hired to do repairs. When the homeowner was not happy with the quality of the work he would not pay. The contractor retaliated by getting an ex part prejudgment attachment of the owner's home. While that state case was pending, the homeowner sued in FEDERAL court to block the application of the attachment statute as unconstitutional after Doehr. How did the Third Circuit court of appeals rule? Was this case distinguishable?
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