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      Cynthia Johnson and Percy Williams are the parents of a daughter, Kawana, in defendant Jamaica Hospital. After Cynthia's discharge, the infant remained in the hospital nursery for further treatment. Days later, it was discovered that Kawana was missing. She was recovered by the police and returned to her parents approximately four and one-half months later. The court held that the parents may not recover damages from the hospital for their own emotional distress resulting from the hospital's negligence in its care of their child or in the management of its nursery—the duty of care was between the child and the hospital, not between the parents and the hospital.
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    State Antitrust Federal law grants to each attorney general the jurisdiction to enforce federal antitrust law. This statutory grant of “parens patriae” authority is both increasingly used and increasingly controversial. This class covers the federal and state jurisdiction of state attorneys general to pursue matters arising out of antitrust law.

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June 04, 2014

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