Algorithmic Accountability | Samantha Bates | August 05, 2015


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Algorithmic Accountability

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  1. 3 Show/Hide More 'Stromfront': An example of Localized Search Result Exclusions
    Original Creator: Samantha Bates
    The following three links are related to a study conducted by the Berkman Center that investigated Internet filtering worldwide.  The following readings focus on a comparison of Google search results for,, and and examine the discrepancy of results between the three domains for a search for ‘Stormfront,' a white supremacist group. 
    1. 3.1 Show/Hide More Jonathan Zittrain and Benjamin Edelman, "Localized Google search result exclusions: statement of issues and call for data" (October 26, 2002).
      Overview of discrepancies found between search results on,, and  Read in conjunction with “Comparison of and Results for ‘Stormfront' – Screenshot” and the list of “Specific Sites excluded from and/or”

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August 12, 2015

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Samantha Bates

Research Associate

Harvard Law School, Berkman Center

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