I.C. The Restatement Approach to Assault and Battery | Lydia Lichlyter | September 18, 2015


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I.C. The Restatement Approach to Assault and Battery

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  1. 2 Show/Hide More CFTC: Petition for Rulemaking concerning the requirements of "Actual Delivery"
    As part of such rulemaking, the Commission is requested to promulgate the elements that are necessary to satisfy the requirements of “actual delivery” under CEA 2©(2)(D)(iiXIID as applied to leveraged or financed retail cryptocurrency transactions. ‘We believe this is warranted because the Commission has not articulated these elements with respect to the newly developing cryptocurrency and blockchain marketplaces, which may have unique attributes that would suggest a different approach relative to the more traditional markets under the Commission's jurisdiction. Absent a definitive Commission statement identifying the essential elements, market participants must attempt to discern what is lawful and what is problematic through assessments of enforcement orders, which are focused on a single entity at a time and may or may not be instructive.

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September 18, 2015

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Lydia Lichlyter


Harvard Law School

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