Intro to US Legal system week 6 (May 2 and 4) | Maria Green | March 31, 2016


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Intro to US Legal system week 6 (May 2 and 4)

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The readings for Monday, May 2 and Wednesday, May 4 are below.

Monday, May 2 (contracts)

1. Fletcher and Sheppard chapter 19

2. Williams-Walker Furniture Co (below)

3. Introductory note on the Parole Evidence rule from Contracts: cases and Materials, by Kessler, Gilmore and Kronman (see for the full playlist).  Note that this reading can be done after class.

Wednesday, May 4 Comparative roundtable on Freedom of Expression

No new readings, but please review the FoE readings and your class notes, and come prepared with questions or comments to put to our guests, who include a scholar of Swedish constitutional law.





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