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General Resources

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    A Google Doc with a compilation of resources.

    For your general understanding of copyright, fair use, and music licenses.

  2. 2 Show/Hide More How Does Copyright Law Work?
    This video is informative about general information regarding copyright. Often the copyright laws are confusing due to the many sections of how it works. However, in this video a man describes the copyright laws in lay terms so it is easy to understand and discuss. This video is helpful for general background about the greater issues of copyright and also explains fair use. To present it in a way that I could understand was very important because it enabled me as a viewer to identify these greater issues in the case that I was studying.
  3. 3 Show/Hide More Copyright Basics: Crash Course Intellectual Property 2
    CrashCourse, a YouTube Channel, and Stan Muller gives a crash course in copyright in the United States and answers some general questions like who can get a copyright, what can be copyrighted, and so on.

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