Redskins and Federal Trademark - Anna Zipkin | Copyright Group | April 11, 2016


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Redskins and Federal Trademark - Anna Zipkin

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According to Newsweek: “Since 1992, Native American tribes, elected officials, civil rights organizations, sports leaders and members of the American public have expressed their concerns about the meaning of the term “redskin,” saying it carries negative racial connotations.” 2015 was an especially noteworthy year for the cause, as the Supreme Court finally began making considerable progress in deciding whether or not the football team would be allowed to keep its name. In early July, a federal judge “ordered the cancellation of its federal trademark registrations.” In December, however, a case involving the name of a band (The Slants) and its racist implications on Asian Americans, set a precedent that would greatly help the Washington Redskins appeal to the courts. The court that heard the case against The Slants “said the First Amendment ‘forbids government regulators to deny registration because they find the speech likely to offend others.’”


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    Compiled on a Google Doc, Anna Zipkin compiled and researched extensively the term and idea of a federal trademark in relation to the sports team, Redskins, particularly in regards to their name. What happens when the term “redskin” is put under public scrutiny, and what does that mean in terms of federal trademarks? The First Amendment?

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