Musicians and Politicians - Katelyn Becker | Copyright Group | April 11, 2016


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Musicians and Politicians - Katelyn Becker

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This portion of the report is a discussion of whether musicians have control over their music being played at campaign rallies or to benefit a political candidate. As the presidential election draws closer, this issue is getting more attention as musicians such as Adele are angered by their music used at campaign rallies for candidates with which they don’t necessarily agree. This situation falls under the category of copyright infringement and fair use. In many of these cases the issue of fair use is central and often drives the decision of the case. This report will analyze the case of Henley v. DeVore and how copyright laws affected copyright infringement and the DeVore’s senate campaign. EDIT PLAYLIST INFORMATION DELETE PLAYLIST

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    What control do musicians have over their music and what rights do they have to their music? To what extent do their rights go? Katelyn Becker, in a Google Doc, compiled and analyzed cases in regards to musicians ordering politicians to stop using their music when used without the musician's explicit permission. She also discusses fair use and its place in the fight between musicians and politicians.
  2. 2 Show/Hide More Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Tells Donald Trump to Dream On - WSJ
    This video was important because it has a more current take on the issue at hand. In this video, they describe a recent case that sounded similar to Henley v. DeVore. In this recent story, Steven Tyler sent cease and desist papers to Trump’s campaign. Tyler was angry after Trump was playing Tyler’s song “Dream On” during rallies for the Republican candidate. Although Tyler identifies as a Republican, he believes this is an issue of copyright infringement because Trump did not ask for permission to play “Dream On.” Musicians such as Adele are taking similar stances on the issue after the singer was put in the same position when “Rolling in the Deep” and “Skyfall” were played at a Trump rally earlier this year.

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