Zeran vs AOL Further Information | Maggie Miller | April 13, 2016


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Zeran vs AOL Further Information

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Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions: http://www.internetlibrary.com/cases/lib_case81.cfm

This article goes in-depth on the case, particularly on the court case section, and offers a link to the full transcript of the court case.

Digital Media Law Project: http://www.dmlp.org/threats/zeran-v-america-online

This source is one based on a site similar to the H2O project, in that there is a summary of the case given, followed by related links and details. Strong source, and a gateway to others legitimate sources.

Tech Law Journal: http://www.techlawjournal.com/courts/zeran/Default.htm

This source, like the previous sources, gives an overview of Zeran vs. AOL, and breaks the case down into basic facts. This would make it easy for a member of the public to understand.

Netlitigation: http://www.netlitigation.com/netlitigation/cases/zeran.htm

This source addresses the broader idea of First Amendment rights, which Zeran vs. AOL falls under, and gives a rundown of the case in order to give an example of a First Amendment case. This article also mentions Blumenthal vs. Drudge, a later case that will also be discussed in this paper.

Global Freedom of Expression: https://globalfreedomofexpression.columbia.edu/cases/zeran-v-america-online-inc/

This source differs from the previous four in that it relates Zeran vs. AOL to worldwide trends on libel and defamation, and puts it in a global perspective to show how it would be judged elsewhere. This website in general is also a good resource for looking into the status of freedom of speech worldwide.


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