Week 6- Attorneys General and Consumer Protection | gnh2104 | August 23, 2011


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Week 6- Attorneys General and Consumer Protection

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Since the passage state Unfair and Deceptive Practices Acts (UDAP) in the late 1970's, all state attorneys general have assumed the responsibility of participating in consumer protection. This Chapter will discuss how attorneys general carry out that authority. EDIT PLAYLIST INFORMATION DELETE PLAYLIST

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    UDAP laws are similar from state to state. These statutes deliberately vague in order to allow them to encompass a huge swath of economic activity. Coupled with high penalties, these statutes place authority and leverage into the hands of every attorney general. All attorneys general enforce these statutes by combining litigation with education, mediation and the “bully pulpit.” The similarity of these laws has made it easy for attorneys general to work on consumer issue across state lines.
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    The actual operations of consumer divisions within offices of attorney general are not well documented. Anecdotally, it appears that smaller cases are handled through mediation and larger cases are pursued through the multistate process and are not actually litigated.
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    Single state consumer cases are pursued in some states with national impact.
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    Consumer protection efforts by state attorneys general are often met with fierce criticism
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    Recent decisions by federal courts limiting private consumer class actions will lead for more pressure on attorneys general to either bring cases or retain private counsel on a fee or contingent basis.
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