Blumenthal vs Drudge Further Information | Maggie Miller | April 13, 2016


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Blumenthal vs Drudge Further Information

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Digital Media Law Project: This particular source gives a brief rundown on Blumenthal vs. Drudge, and provides the reader with further sources to pursue as well.

Tech Law Journal: This website gives a summary of the case, then the history of when this case has been seen in court, along with further sources.

Law School Case Briefs: This source is meant for students of law, and gives a thorough rundown of the Blumenthal vs. Drudge, including the case facts and an in-depth discussion.

Berkeley Technology Law Journal: This website gives a full rundown on not only the case, but the past laws associated with it, and gives reasons for why the judge ruled in the way that he did.

Electronic Privacy Information Center: This website gives a further court opinion on the case, and gives more insight into the proceedings against Drudge and AOL.


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