Intro to US Legal System week 5 (April 25 and 28) | Maria Green | April 20, 2016


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Intro to US Legal System week 5 (April 25 and 28)

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Freedom of expression

The readings for Monday, April 25 and Thursday, April 28 are below.

Monday, April 25

1.  First 2 pages of chapter 10 in Fletcher and Sheppard (optional)

2. Schenck (below)

3.  Dennis (reading packet that was distributed in class)

4. Brandenberg (reading packet that was distributed in class)

5. Chaplinsky (reading packet that was distributed in class)

6. Discussion of the Skokie case (reading packet that was distributed on class)

7. Snyder (edited version in the reading packet that was distributed in class)

8.  (If we get to it):  New York Times v. US (the Pentagon Papers case) (below)

Thursday April 28

1. Fletcher and Sheppard chapter 10 (New York Times v. Sullivan)

2. Cohen (below)

3. R.A.V. (below)

4.O'Brien (below)

For the readings for the May 2 and 4, please see Week 6 of this class at


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