Blogging and Advertising | Christian Nossokoff | April 20, 2016


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Blogging and Advertising

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by Arielle Weg. When it comes to producing your own content online, the line can be thin between sharing your own thoughts and feelings as opposed to promoting a product. There are times where someone who owns a personal blog can talk about a product as a real consumer, but often they are given products for free or paid to discuss an item in a positive way in order to advertise to their followers. In this section of commercial speech and advertising, I look at the legality of discussing a product on a person blog that was either given to the blogger for free or the blogger was paid to discuss the product. I include Federal Trade Commision (FTC) documents on how to properly disclose this kind of situation on a blog for transparency, FTC documents on how to properly endorse a product on a blog, FTC response to a letter by Hyundai asked permission to reward bloggers for advertising, and the real life case of FTC vs. Lunada Biomedical inc. with a video. 

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  1. 5 Show/Hide More FTC Statement on Hyundai and Bloggers
    FTC statement regarding a letter from Hyundai asking if they can use bloggers to advertise
  2. 9 Show/Hide More FTC Advertising Violation Example
    Video: “Amberen for Menopause Review” that showcases deceptive advertising. This commercial violates all of the FTC rules including deceptively introducing the endorsers as real-life users, unfairly giving authority to Carol as a registered nurse, and having her claim a “good friend” gave her the medication. This ad has no indication that this is a paid productive and the stories are not true. It is unfair and deceptive to the audience.

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April 20, 2016

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