False Privacy Protection Claims | Christian Nossokoff | April 20, 2016


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False Privacy Protection Claims

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by Christian Nossokoff. Online privacy has been a topic of great concern since the turn of the century.  Almost every website has a privacy policy that some users may or may not know they agree to. We often click “I Accept” without knowing what we accept to, but the alternative is reading through what seems like and endless box of text, filled with formal terms and jargon. So with that said, wouldn't it be easy for companies to put things in their privacy policy that you might not be okay with because they can count on you not reading it? I take a look at the case of the FTC versus Facebook in 2011 regarding the use of third party applications. Facebook users were not made aware of the fact that Facebook could disclose their information to third party applications. Various studies about social media and privacy policies are also analyzed to show what privacy and privacy policies mean to users.  EDIT PLAYLIST INFORMATION DELETE PLAYLIST

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  1. 5 Show/Hide More Bloomberg Law Interview on FTC v. Facebook with CIPP Professional
    Bloomberg Law Interview on FTC v. Facebook with CIPP Professional
  2. 6 Show/Hide More Study: Evaluation of Online Privacy Notices
    Study conducted by Georgia Institute of Technology looking at the viability and practice of privacy policies, with a total of 64 analyzed.
  3. 8 Show/Hide More Study: Information Revelation & Privacy in Online Social Networks
    Study conducted in 2005 at Carnegie Mellon University. This study is relevant to the FTC v Facebook 2011 case because it shows how users already willingly provided an alarming amount of personal, and even sensitive, information.

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April 20, 2016

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Christian Nossokoff

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