Near v. Minnesota Analysis by Jacob Atkins | Lindsay Maizland | April 23, 2016


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Near v. Minnesota Analysis by Jacob Atkins

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New precedents on prior restraint and censorship were formed when the Supreme Court prevented Minnesota's governor from prohibiting the publication of a controversial newspaper denouncing state officials of malfeasance in 1931. Despite the governor’s attempt to establish a permanent injunction over The Saturday Press under Minnesota’s Public Nuisance Law of 1925, it was eventually overturned and deemed unconstitutional to do so. In the process, the federal court upheld freedom of the press to the highest extent. EDIT PLAYLIST INFORMATION DELETE PLAYLIST

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    This YouTube video showcases an array of primary source documents dating back to the era of Near v. Minnesota. Since the constitutional battle stemmed from accusations of statewide corruption, this short documentary provides context regarding The Saturday Press’ portrayal of Minneapolis as a city “where the people were drunk, satisfied, and left the law enforcement and running of the city to crock politicians and strong-armed gangsters.” For example, police officers are seen standing on the top of motorcycles, in addition to a person gunned down in a vehicle. Although these photos illustrate Near’s and Guilford’s allegations, the video also introduces the style of “Yellow Journalism” that the duo was adhering to, for both of them published exaggerated or sensationalized articles to instigate societal reforms.



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April 25, 2016

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