Central Hudson v. Public Service Commission by Connor Luce | Nick Papadis | April 23, 2016


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Central Hudson v. Public Service Commission by Connor Luce

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The key legal issue in this case is commercial speech.  The case, which was argued on March 17, 1980 and decided on June 20, 1980, was between Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. and the New York Public Service Commission.  In order to promote the conservation of energy, the Public Service Commission aimed to restrict Central Hudson from advertising their services and, by association, the use of electricity.  Commercial speech, which refers to “speech done on behalf of a company or individual for the intent of making a profit” (Wikipedia), is central to the arguments of this case.  The Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of Central Hudson Gas & Electric, arguing that the Public Service Commission’s advertising regulations violated Central Hudson’s First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Some Cases related to this case include:

    • Posadas de Puerto Rico Associates v. Tourism Company of Puerto Rico
    • 44 Liquormart Inc. V. Rhode Island


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