Journal Articles and Other Resources on Commercial Speech | Nick Papadis | April 23, 2016


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Journal Articles and Other Resources on Commercial Speech

by Nick Papadis Show/Hide
  1. 1 Show/Hide More Yale Law Journal article on Commercial Speech
    “The Constitutional Status of Commercial Speech.”
  2. 3 Show/Hide More Class Activity on Commecial Speech and Advertising
    Below is an example of an activity that could be done with class that is studying commercial speech and/or advertising
  3. 4 Show/Hide More Hypothetical Case to be "heard" in class
    Below is a hypothetical case that can be put on trial before the class as a class activity
  4. 5 Show/Hide More Truth in Advertising Videos
    TINA videos educate consumers about the hidden secrets behind clever marketing schemes.
  5. 6 Show/Hide More Deceptive Ads 2015
    Truth in Advertising posted this video showing some of the most deceptive ads of 2015
  6. 7 Show/Hide More Works Cited
    A list of the links found in this project. Special thanks to all the sources below.

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April 25, 2016

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