VII.B. The Effect of Defendant's Infirmities and Limitations on the Standard | JZTortsClass | June 14, 2011


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VII.B. The Effect of Defendant's Infirmities and Limitations on the Standard

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  1. 1 Show/Hide More McCarty v. Pheasant Run--"The Chained, But Unlocked, Sliding Door"
    Original Creator: JZTortsClass
    Does a plaintiff's lack of care elevate the care expected of the defendant?
  2. 2 Show/Hide More Roberts v. Ramsbottom--"The Driver Who Had a Stroke"
    Original Creator: JZTortsClass
    Should a medical episode absolve actors of their duty of care?
  3. 3 Show/Hide More Bashi v. Wodarz--"The Driver Who Wigged Out"
    Original Creator: JZTortsClass
    Does mental illness count as a “sudden affliction” as defined in Roberts?
  4. 4 Show/Hide More Levey v. Denardo--"The Emergency Car Skid Case"
    Original Creator: JZTortsClass
    Should an actor's standard of care be relaxed by exigent circumstances?
  5. 5 Show/Hide More Ellis v. D'Angelo--"The 4-Year-Old Bone Breaker"
    Original Creator: JZTortsClass
    Does a defendant's age alone justify adjusting his or her standard of care?

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