Interested Director Transactions - 144(a) | Brian JM Quinn | November 04, 2013


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Interested Director Transactions - 144(a)

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This playlist is intended to be used as a “virtual” casebook for an introductory corporations class. This virtual casebook is an experiment using the H20 platform of Harvard's Berkman Center. This casebook can be printed and used in a hard copy form, or students can read and access the cases and materials online.

The materials in this casebook follow a format that is familiar to a student in any of my previous corporations classes. The materials start with an extended focus on the concepts of agency. Then we turn to the Delaware corporate code. While the various conceptual approaches to the corporate law are extremely interesting and important, it is critical that law students master the code. Consequently, after an introduction to the concepts of agency, we will focus on the Delaware code. Although we could study the Model code or the Massachusetts code, for most corporate lawyers, the Delaware corporate law will be central to their practice.

Beyond the code, Delaware has a very deep corporate common law. It is in the corporate common law that the courts have developed the law of corporate fiduciary duties. It is through fiduciary duties that the corporate law attempts to regulate the relationship between shareholders and the corporation, between managers and the corporation, as well as the relationships of controlling shareholders and minority shareholders.

Fiduciary duties are tested most often in the context of corporate takeovers. The corporate takeover materials in this casebook attempt to highlight the most important issues in takeover situations as well as the court's doctrinal efforts to mitigate the transaction costs that arise in these situations.


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  1. 1 Show/Hide More Sutherland v. Sutherland
    Original Creator: Brian JM Quinn Current Version: Brian JM Quinn
    The role of 144 in providing a safe harbor for interested director transactions.
  2. 2 Show/Hide More Fliegler v. Lawrence
    Original Creator: Brian JM Quinn Current Version: Brian JM Quinn
    144 – interested director transactions

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