Week 1- Parens Patriae and the Role of the Attorney General | gnh2104 | September 09, 2011


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Week 1- Parens Patriae and the Role of the Attorney General

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“Parens Patriae” underlies much of the jurisdiction and culture of state attorneys general. By invoking this common law power, an attorney general assumes the duty to represent all the citizens of a state and not just the interests of a state agency. Parens patriae is most often specifically alleged in consumer, antitrust, environmental and charities litigation, but in a broader sense it describes the “fix it” culture that pervades attorney general practice. The first class will explore the nature of that authority. EDIT PLAYLIST INFORMATION DELETE PLAYLIST

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  1. 2 Show/Hide More State Attorney General Actions, the Tobacco Litigation and the Doctrine of Parens PatriaeLitigation
    Richard Ieyoub and Theodore Eisenberg, 74 Tulane Law Review 1859 (edited)
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    [Couldn't find original associated press article]
  3. 7 Shevin
  4. 8 Show/Hide More New Hampshire
    This brief was filed in 2011 by almost all former New Hampshire Attorneys General in the face of a legislative attempt to force that state's attorney general to intervene in a specific case. It outlines the origins of the independent and bi-partisan nature of the state attorney gener
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