DIGITAL SALES AND DISTRIBUTION (2 OF 2): New Services and Emerging Models | cbavitz | September 26, 2011


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DIGITAL SALES AND DISTRIBUTION (2 OF 2): New Services and Emerging Models

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Evolving digital business models and distribution channels.
Subscriptions, sales of digital downloads.
Music in the “cloud” and “locker” services.
Revenues and margins in digital distribution.
The importance of data in the digital distribution world.

Ch. 5, Copyright Law and Ever-Changing Distribution Models, 59 – 62
Ch. 6, Digital Distribution Channels and Mediums, pp. 65 – 70
Ch. 7, Digital Music Delivery Formats, pp. 71 – 86
Ch. 12, How to Start an Online Music Service, pp. 115-120


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    Ch. 10, Web 2.0: How Virtual Worlds, Social Networking Sites, Advertisers, Bloggers, and Others Fit In, pp. 107 – 110

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