Class14: International courts 3: The Permanent Court of Arbitration | Lamorne Chang-Blissett | September 29, 2016


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Class14: International courts 3: The Permanent Court of Arbitration

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    Original Creator: Lamorne Chang-Blissett

    Is there a difference between state-to-state arbitration and a preeceeding before the ICJ? What are the perceived advantages if any of state-to-state arbitration? What is the basis of jurisdiction in Philippines v. China case?  

    Arbitration v. Legal Process

    • A: judges are selected by the parties (consensual) 
    • A: no appeal – award is final
    • L: Parties do not select who the judges are 

    China Issue: Is this a maritime dispute? If it is China agreed only to be bound to resolve via negotiation. 

    Philippines Issue: They are infringing on our right to use that territory. 

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