Class 22: Modern Warfare | Lamorne Chang-Blissett | October 25, 2016


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Class 22: Modern Warfare

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  1. 1 Show/Hide More Class 22: The Public Committee against Torture in Israel et al v. The Government of Israel et al HCJ December 11 2005 (edited)
    Original Creator: Manuel A. Gómez Current Version: Lamorne Chang-Blissett

    Case concerning the issue of targeted killings and the impact on civilians. Court says such an issue is not nonjusticiable because it concerns issues the court has addressed before and moreover although it deals with the military the court is addressing issue concerning human rights which is issue that is decided by the court. The case concern civilians who are involved in the conflict and civilians who are killed but not involved. The court says that a balancing test is applied to determine the impact and if the harm was necessary. Customary international law applies here even though the issue occurred within Israel because it involves a matter that impact the international community.
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