Day 1: Introduction | Samantha Bates | December 09, 2016


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Day 1: Introduction

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Welcome! We aspire to the implausible: a nine-day introduction to the unusual dynamics of the world’s digital space, sufficient for a strategic understanding of what makes it difficult (but far from impossible) to regulate or shape; who’s trying to do it nonetheless; and how such efforts have fared over the past twenty years, with an eye towards lessons for influencing the space and the behavior within it today.

In addition to offering some frameworks for thinking about Internet architecture and policy, and the curious open and generative nature of the phenomenon, we will delve into the net as a contingently global phenomenon, and the way that complicates regulation by traditional sovereigns. Our case study will be the current debates around implementation of Europe’s “right to be forgotten” in search engine results. As you complete the readings, you might see how you’d answer the question of what a state like France’s view should be towards the scope of its RTBF regulation, and whether the kind of “zoning” described in the Cato Institute article from thirteen years ago (!), is realizable and desirable.


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December 31, 2016

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Samantha Bates

Research Associate

Harvard Law School, Berkman Center

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