Day 8: Governance and Artificial Intelligence | Samantha Bates | December 10, 2016


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Day 8: Governance and Artificial Intelligence

by Samantha Bates Show/Hide

The tensions between free vs. proprietary software help focus us on foundational questions of governance that are threaded through the course. To what extent should new technologies be shaped and shared by anyone without gatekeeping? 2017 may find the Internet in middle age. Do its puzzles suggest anything about whether and how to resolve governance questions for more newly mainstreamed technologies like machine learning and other AI?

In addition to the challenges that the Internet has provided in regulation and governance, the inability to really understand what many “learned” algorithms do, and their ability to have properties and abilities beyond the capabilities of their initial designers, presents additional challenges when thinking about whether and how to regulate the research, as well as the deployment, of AI. Phenomena like digital currencies and distributed AI systems reprises the ideas and challenges of Barlow’s declaration of independence of cyberspace.


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December 31, 2016

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Samantha Bates

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Harvard Law School, Berkman Center

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