Day 3: AI and Justice | Samantha Bates | August 08, 2017


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Day 3: AI and Justice

by Samantha Bates Show/Hide
  1. 1 Show/Hide More "Sent to Prison by a Software Program's Secret Algorithms" by Adam Liptak (New York Times, 2017).
    This article provides an overview of the major events and issues surrounding the use of a sentencing algorithm in the case of Wisconsin man Eric Loomis. Do you agree with the article’s claim that “There are good reasons to use data to ensure uniformity in sentencing”?
  2. 2 Show/Hide More “How We Analyzed the COMPAS Recidivism Algorithm” by Jeff Larson, Surya Mattu, Lauren Kirchner and Julia Angwin (Pro Publica, 2016).
    A data-driven investigative analysis of the <span class="caps">COMPAS</span> algorithm used in the Loomis case and elsewhere to determine whether a criminal is likely to commit another offense. How can technically engaged public activists shed light on the problems and failures of deployed AI technology?
  3. 3 Show/Hide More State of Wisconsin v. Eric Loomis
    Original Creator: Samantha Bates
    State of Wisconsin v. Eric L. Loomis is a 2016 case heard by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. The opinion reflects on the use and limitations of algorithms as applied to sentencing practices. Can algorithms trained on data from a broad swath of the population help inform suitably individualized sentencing?
  4. 4 Show/Hide More [OPTIONAL] “Fairness Through Awareness” by Cynthia Dwork et al. (ITCS, 2012).
    This paper articulates a framework for classifying individuals in as fair and unbiased a manner as possible. What, fundamentally, is fairness? Does the paper succeed in making fairness explicable in formal, quantitative terms?

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August 08, 2017

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Samantha Bates

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Harvard Law School, Berkman Center

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