Oral Argument Interlude | Jeannie Suk | September 01, 2017


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Oral Argument Interlude

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As a brief interlude from our regular class material, this week we will be arguing a case pending in the Supreme Court of the United States: Class v. United States.  Each side of the room will be assigned to represent either the petitioner (Rodney Class) or the respondent (the United States).  You will be given your assignment in advance, in order to facilitate more targeted preparation.  While you will be expected to read all the provided materials, you will only be expected to argue as counsel for your assigned side.  You will need to be strongly familiar with all aspects of your argument, however, as you will not know the order in which you will be called.  Additionally, as the best arguments tend to be made by those who possess the strongest understanding of the opposing argument, you should strive to become as familiar as possible with both sides.  All students should expect to be called on to make an argument during this exercise.  Additionally, we will be taking volunteers (or assigning students, if necessary) to be Supreme Court Justices during the argument.  The Justices will be responsible for asking questions of both petitioner and respondent, and helping to keep the argument moving forward.   EDIT PLAYLIST INFORMATION DELETE PLAYLIST

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September 22, 2017

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Jeannie Suk

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