Session One: Early Classics | Howell E. Jackson | September 06, 2017


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Session One: Early Classics

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The featured reading for the first session is the Brandeis chapter from Other People's Money. We will start our conversation with this piece. Please also look over the Berle and Means excerpt from the Analytical Methods book as well as the Douglas & Bates article, both written in the early thirties around the time New Deal reforms were being adopted. The final reading for this session is a more substantial law review article from the 1960's, roughly thirty years after the New Deal. Although a bit technical, it's a famous article. Try to read through at least the introductory pages and consider how it relates to the Securities Act of 1933, which is the focus of the Douglas & Bates piece. Again, good luck and see you for our first session (presumably September 18th in WCC 3016). EDIT PLAYLIST INFORMATION DELETE PLAYLIST

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September 07, 2017

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Howell E. Jackson

James S. Reid, Jr. Professor of Law

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