Class 1: Why Punish? | Tim Wu | January 25, 2018


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Class 1: Why Punish?

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Our first class examines the most basic question:  why punish all at? 


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  1. 1 Show/Hide More New York Penal Law § 1.05 General purposes
    Professor Wu Crim Law, Chapter 1, Why Punish?
  2. 2 Show/Hide More Blackstone's Commentaries, Book 4, Chapter 1, (1769)

    Commentaries on the Law of England (William Blackstone), Book 4 Chapter 1,

    available at

  3. 3 Show/Hide More Regina v. Dudley and Stephens
    Original Creator: Jeannie Suk Current Version: Tim Wu
  4. 4 Show/Hide More The Purpose of Criminal Punishment
    Emily Banks, “The Purpose of Criminal Punishment,” in Criminal Justice Ethics
  5. 5 Show/Hide More Ten Economic Facts about Crime and Incarceration in the United States (Melissa S. Kearney, Benjamin H. Harris, Elisa Jácome, and Lucie Parker)
    Article in full available at

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January 25, 2018

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