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OIL Casebook Topic V: Privacy

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This section provides a brief survey of laws relating to privacy on the internet


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  1. 1 Show/Hide More In re Double Click Privacy Litigation, No. 00-CIV-0641 (S.D.N.Y. settlement approved May 21, 2002).
    Original Creator: mrisch

    This case note describes some of the data collection techniques used by companies

  2. 4 Show/Hide More In re Google Inc. Gmail Litigation
    Original Creator: mrisch

    This case considers how the ECPA might apply to Gmail's keyword advertising

  3. 5 Show/Hide More In re Gateway Learning Corp., FTC Docket No. C-4120 (2004) (consent order).
    Original Creator: mrisch

    This consent order is an example of an FTC action levied against a company that misrepresented how it was using data

  4. 6 Show/Hide More Columbia Ins. Co. v. seescandy.com
    Original Creator: mrisch

    This case examines privacy from a different angle – the anonymity of internet activity

  5. 7 Show/Hide More London-Sire Records, Inc. v. Doe 1 et al. - privacy note
    Original Creator: mrisch

    This case presents a differently framed test for piercing the veil of anonymity. Is it different than Columbia Insurance v. SeesCandy?

    Note that courts have required varying levels of case strength:
    1. Good Faith Basis
    2. Motion to Dismiss
    3. Prima Facie Evidence
    4. Summary Judgment Evidence
    What should the right level be?

  6. 8 Show/Hide More Privacy Statutes
    Original Creator: mrisch

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