OIL Casebook: Framing and Linking | mrisch | August 30, 2014


OIL Casebook: Framing and Linking

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  1. 2 Show/Hide More Ticketmaster Corp. v. Tickets.Com, Inc. - copyright
    Original Creator: mrisch

    This edited version of the case considers copyright issues. Later versions will consider other issues

  2. 3 Show/Hide More Intellectual Reserve, Inc. v. Utah Lighthouse Ministry, Inc.
    Original Creator: mrisch

    This case serves two purposes. First, it introduces the type of liability that one might face for hyperlinking, even if the content is not hosted on one's own server. Second, in doing so, it introduces the concept of secondary liability, which pervades copyright liability on the internet.

    Consider whether this court's view of direct liability by readers is consistent with Perfect 10's consideration of thumbnail images.


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August 30, 2014

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