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Affiliation: Social Reform
Starts: 8/1/06      Ends: 12/31/06
Leaders: JGreen
Keywords: Economic Inclusivism: A 21st Century Solution
Participants: 11 (view all)

Economic Inclusivism outlines certain systemic changes we need to make so that we can intelligently address the problems we face in the 21st century.

We live in a dangerous world, because we live in an exclusive, rather than inclusive world. With just the few systemic changes outlined in Economic Inclusivism, and applied in concert, we can change thatů....if we have the political will...and remain a democracy.

Economic Inclusivism is broken down into two categories: Social/Prison Reforms and Economic Reforms

Social/Prison Reforms

1) We need to re-classify all crime in the future as violent or non-violent, and discard the archaic terms felony and misdemeanor.

2) We need a much greater use of "Shock" Incarceration (as originally intended); a greater use of fines and probation (both civil and criminal), in lieu of incarceration, and an expanded menu of sentencing alternatives.

3) We need the creation of Federal Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Centers, for the diagnosis and treatment of the violent offender.

4) We need to pick-up the lead taken by England, in treating drug addiction as a "medical" rather than a "criminal" problem, so that we can effectively curb drug-related crime, and keep drugs out of the hands of our youth.

Economic Reforms

5) To address our insidious practice of "exclusion", Congress must enforce a citizen's legal right to work, as enacted by Congress in "The Full Employment Act of 1946", and as outlined in the Democratic National Platform position asserting "Opportunity to every American". We need to recognize that the right to work and be a productive member of one's society is a human right.

Accordingly we must ratify the following constitutional amendment: "Work shall hereafter be the legal right of every citizen, and Congress shall, except for retirement/disability programs under federal jurisdiction, make no laws which will abridge the right of any citizen of legal age, to work and be a productive citizen.

6) To ensure enforcement/fund this legal right, Congress would create a privately owned, federally mandated, mutual insurance plan, with limited ownership by each person who works, which would provide work/training to any citizen who applies.

7) Since this program of "inclusion" would address 95% of our social ills (crime, welfare, drugs, etc., and exacerbated in many cases by inept Band-Aid programs), the federal budget could be greatly reduced and our current Federal Income Tax would be replaced with a National Sales Tax, value-added tax, a national lottery, or some combination of taxes other than our current Federal Income Tax. We currently spend 26 billion annually for the Internal Revenue Service, and corporations and individuals spend trillions trying to get around the Tax Code, all of which is passed on to us, the consumer, in the higher cost of consumer goods.

7a)A Universal Healtcare System is an essential ingredient of a sane society.

For greater detail regarding the rationale for these urgently needed systemic changes please see www.Inclusivism.org

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