Business Boot-Camp | Brian JM Quinn | December 02, 2013


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Business Boot-Camp

Before we dive into the corporate law, a quick word about what corporate law is and, perhaps more importantly, what it isn't.  Many law students take corporate law thinking that it will equip them with enough business background, including finance and accounting, so that they can be successful in a corporate/transactional law practice.  Unfortunately, if you're hoping that a course in the corporate law will substitute for an MBA, then you're mistaken. This course will focus on certain legal relationships that are central to the corporate form. 

That said, a good corporate/transactional lawyer will be very conversant with the language of business and will understand what it is his or her clients are doing.  If you wish to be an effective business lawyer, it is extremely important, therefore, to develop the vocabulary of business and some basic business skills while in law school or soon there after.  If you cannot enroll in courses at the business school,  I recommend adding the Wharton Foundation Series ( to your list of things to do before graduating.  The foundation series is a series of four online courses available through Coursera and conducted by the faculty of the Wharton School at UPenn.  The courses are as follows: 

  1. Introduction to Financial  Accounting (
  2. Introduction to Corporate Finance (
  3. Introduction to Marketing (
  4. Introduction to Operations Management (

 Start with Financial Accounting and then Corporate Finance.  Good luck!





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