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This report could not have come to fruition without the sustained and concerted effort of an extraordinary team. First, we wish to extend our gratitude to our authors, who graciously shared their time and expertise. We thank Bruce Etling for substantial contributions to the text and for useful and constructive recommendations on the report as a whole. We are grateful to John Palfrey for providing the impetus for the Internet Monitor project and for his thoughtful support along the way. We are indebted to Colin Maclay, who has offered untiring support, encouragement, inspiration, and sage advice throughout the development of this project.

Our special thanks to Robert Faris, who steered and shaped this report as Berkman’s Research Director, as well as to Rebekah Heacock, who managed the evolution and production of this publication and provided extensive research, analytic, and editorial support. Thanks also to Adam Lewis and Elizabeth Anne Watkins for providing excellent additional research and editorial support.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the United States Department of State and the MacArthur Foundation for the Internet Monitor project.

Urs Gasser and Jonathan Zittrain
Co-Principal Investigators


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December 10, 2013


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