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By the Numbers

Number of new websites created per minute in 2013: 571.

Number of new domains registered: 70.

Number of photos posted to Tumblr: 20,000.

Number of new tweets: 278,000.

Of the top 100 most followed accounts on Twitter, the number that are musicians: 54.

Number that are tech companies: 7.

Number that are television show hosts: 7.

Number that are Brazilian soccer players: 3.

Number that are Kardashians: 3.

Number that are affiliated with One Direction: 6.

(Number of musicians in One Direction: 5.)

Speed reached by Li-Fi, a Wi-Fi alternative that transmits data by rapidly switching tiny light bulbs on and off: 10 Gbit/second.

Percentage of current Iranian cabinet members who maintain Facebook pages, despite the country’s Facebook ban: 100.

Percentage by which traffic to adult entertainment website PornHub decreased in Chicago after the Chicago Blackhawks won the final game of the Stanley Cup: 19.

Percentage by which it increased in Boston, home of the Bruins (who, sadly, lost): 21.

Actors whose fan websites were defaced in the last year by Syrian Electronic Army hackers: Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt.

Among the terms censored on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo this year: “hair bacon.”

Number of copyright takedown requests Google received per second in September 2011: 0.29.

In September 2013: 8.76.

Size of English-language Wikipedia, in printed volumes, as of late 2013: 1930.

Of French-language Wikipedia: 469.

Vietnamese: 342.

Romanian: 40.


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