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About the Podcasts (Public Law)

Lectures for this course are delivered exclusively through podcasts.  Podcasts come in two forms.  A handful are available in both audio and video formats.  These are podcasts in which images and drawings are sometimes useful to help navigate concepts, and you are encouraged to take advantage of this feature.  Most podcasts are, however, audio only.

Video podcasts are housed on Vimeo, under Craig Forcese, and there are links in the Practice session descriptions in this syllabus to the relevant videos.  I also include links to the relevant audio podcasts.  Audio podcasts are housed on screencast.com and are feed through to iTunes, if you wish to access the full roster as they are posted.  The formal iTunes Store subscription link is here, allowing you to download directly to portable devices. 

You may download or stream audio podcasts.  Video podcasts are for streaming (video downloads are very memory intensive). 

If you stream audio podcasts directly from the screencast.com site rather than downloading or using iTunes, please be aware that there is a delay between when you press the play icon and the start of the podcast, as the file downloads.

For 2015-16, I will be posting podcasts as far in advance of the relevant pratice session as possible. 


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