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Matthias Oesch

Matthias Oesch is a chaired Professor at the University of Zurich in the areas of European and International Economic Public Law and was an associate in an international commercial law firm in Zurich. He studied at the University of Berne. He obtained his LL.M-law degree and passed the bar exam. He obtained his doctorate degree (summa cum laude) at the University of Berne with the topic Standards of Review in WTO Dispute Resolution (Oxford University Press, 2003). His second book (Habiliation) is dedicated to the analysis of equality and entitled „Differenzierung und Typisierung: Zur Dogmatik der Rechtsgleichheit in der Rechtsetzung" (2008). He received his LL.M in 2000 at the law school of the London School of Economics and Political Science. He was a research assistant professor with Professor Thomas Cottier at the World Trade Institute at the University of Berne.

Oesch has published several books, many law review articles and contributes to encyclopedias, mainly in the fields of constitutional, administrative, European as well as foreign trade law, law of international trade regulation and articles on WTO matters. Oesch's major works include: Verfassungsrecht der Europäischen Union: Grundlegende Urteile (together with Thomas Cottier and Julia Meier, 2009); Differenzierung und Typisierung: Zur Dogmatik der Rechtsgleichheit in der Rechtssetzung (2008) (habiliation thesis); Allgemeines Aussenwirtschafts- und Binnenmarktrecht (together with Thomas Cottier, 2007); International Trade Regulation: Law and Policy in the WTO, the European Union and Switzerland. Comments, Cases, and Materials (co-authored with Thomas Cottier, 2005); Standards of Review in WTO Dispute Resolution (Oxford University Press, 2003); Die sektoriellen Abkommen Schweiz - EG: Ausgewählte Fragen zur Rezeption und Umsetzung der Verträge vom 21. Juni 1999 im schweizerischen Recht (co-editor with Thomas Cottier, 2002).



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