Allocated Briefing Papers on the Judicial Power of the Purse

Please review at least one of the following briefing papers.  You may select among the choices based on your personal interests:


Drew McLelland & Sam Walsh, "Litigating Challenges to Federal Spending Decisions: The Role of Standing and Political Question Doctrine" (May 1, 2006)(Briefing Paper No. 33) (


John Lobato & Jeffrey Theodore, "Federal Sovereign Immunity" (May 14, 2006) (Briefing Paper No. 21) (


Mark Champoux & John Lobato, “The Limited Power of Courts to Order Spending (May 14, 2006) (Briefing Paper No. 24) (


Robert Porter, “Contract Claims Against the Federal Government: Sovereign Immunity and Contractual Remedies” (May 2, 2006) (Briefing Paper No. 22) (