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Bathroom Renovations Sydney: Things You Need To Know

The bathroom is without a doubt one of the most important parts of any home. Unlike what others may believe, the bathroom is not just an area where you take a bath or shower, answer the call of nature, brush your teeth and carry out other personal hygiene habits. For many people, the bathroom is also a place where you can seek rest and relaxation. A bathroom can also create an impression of your home especially if it is often used by guests. These are a couple of reasons why many home-owners are looking for bathroom renovations Sydney. If you happen to be one of these people who are planning to give their bathrooms a makeover then read on to ensure that your renovation becomes a success.

Hiring a Sydney Bathroom Renovations Contractor

Hiring a bathroom contractor is often the best option for home-owners who wish to remodel their bathrooms. A contractor will  not only have the right expertise to take on the job but he will ideally have plenty of experience as well. However, don’t go with the first bathroom contractor that you find in the yellow pages. One of the best ways to look for an excellent contractor is by asking your friends, family or colleagues for recommendations. If they have recently remodelled any part of their homes, ask them about the contractor they worked with and how satisfied they are with the result. Ask to see the renovation job personally as well so you can examine the workmanship up close.

Once you find a contractor in Sydney that you would like to work with, be sure to communicate with the person or firm to avoid any problems in the future. For instance, ask for a quote so you can have an idea about how much you will spend on the project. Make sure that the quote is detailed and transparent and clearly shows how the money will be spent. Make sure that you also discuss your remodelling plan with the contractor to ensure that both of you are in the same page.

Modern Bathroom Renovations

Many bathroom renovations are done in order to give the bathroom a fresh and modern look. If your bathroom is old and mouldy then it’s time to breath new life into it by giving it a makeover. Here are some ideas for undertaking modern bathroom redesign in Sydney.

  • Browse interior design magazines and websites to get an idea of how you want your new bathroom to look. Collect photos of bathroom designs that you like. Keep your photo collection handy so you can use it as a general guide for your bathroom remodelling.
  • Have a walk-in shower built. One of the best and most common features of a contemporary bathroom is a walk-in shower. This type of shower is different from the traditional shower cubicle which is situated in an elevated platform within a glass enclosure. This type of shower is not only old-fashioned but it can also tend to be claustrophobic for many people. Walk-in showers are much more spacious, relaxing and certainly easier to clean.
  • Install spa features in your bath. When undertaking Sydney bathroom remodelling, you might also want to turn your old bathroom into your very own spa. You can accomplish this with a few simple and affordable changes. For instance, get a dimmer switch for your bathroom. This will allow you to adjust the lighting according to your preference: you might want the brightest light when brushing your teeth or washing your face but you may also prefer a softer and dimmer light when relaxing in the tub. Your bathroom redesign can also include several jets that spray water in different directions. Thank to modern innovation, you can now find extra jets that are affordable. Jets that produce bubbles in the tub will also help your bath become a more relaxing experience.
  • Installing a glass sink will also give your bathroom that minimalist effect that is quite common in most modern bathrooms.
  • Consider some bathroom tiles ideas. The type of tiles that you install in your bathroom will also have a significant effect on the overall look of your bathroom. Porcelain tiles can give your bathroom a clean and classic look while marble tiles can give your bathroom a certain atmosphere of affluence.

Other Considerations for Bathroom Renovations

Before looking for bathroom renovations, keep in mind that remodelling your bathroom is a major step. This means that a lot of thought and consideration must go into the process of planning the renovation. Here are some things to consider when planning your bathroom remodelling.

  • Consider the overall style of your home when choosing a style for your bathroom: For instance, if your house is generally sleek and modern in design then an old-fashioned Victorian bathroom might look out of place. If you are not completely sure what style you should go for then the safest option would be a clean and classic style.
  • Consider the space and original layout of the bathroom: It might seem like common sense to take the bathroom’s space into consideration before planning a renovation but many people actually neglect to do this when remodelling their bathroom. This is why many Sydney bathroom remodelling end up in disaster. Be sure to keep your space limitations in mind when doing remodelling plans for your bathroom.
  • Plan your budget: When planning to remodel your bathroom or any part of your home, it’s very important to plan a budget and stick to it. Many bathroom redesign end up costing home-owners more than what they expected to spend and this is usually due to poor budget planning. One of the best ways to minimise your expenses is by avoiding trendy bathroom gadgets. Trendy features like an aromatherapy shower-head might sound tempting but will you actually be needing this feature on a regular basis? When it comes to bathroom construction Sydney, it’s better to stick to essential and classic pieces that will never go out of style.

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